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Contributed by Ning Rogge   
May 01, 2009 at 08:39 AM


Here is a reason of reasons to visit Seattle, WA. On June 6-7, 2009, the Igorot/BIBAAK/Cordillera traditional cultures will be the main feature in the annual "Pagdiriwang" Festival. The project dubbed, ..............continue next page click READ MORE

"Igorot Village Revisited" commemorates the centennial anniversary of the A.Y.P.E. (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition), in which 50 Igorot folks from the Bontoc area were featured with a replica of their villages where they showcased some of their culture and folkways that delighted millions of visitors to the first "world fair" in Washington.

Those Igorot elders, like their counterparts in the St. Louis, Missouri world fair of 1904, had evidently observed keenly their strange lines of visitors and seized what values they could to take back home. In the safety and comfort of their " village" in the fair, those Igorots watched and read the minds of the different people that had paid so much to get a peep of the village.  Once home, they instilled the value of education, a key to effective inter-exchange of ideas with the strange peoples of the USA and the world. Some of the known descendants of those 50 adventurous Igorot participants of the AYPE 1909 will be honored at this centennial event.

Some of the BIBAK organizations had already confirmed their participation. BIBAK Vancouver will help the BIBAKPNW in building five traditional Igorot huts. Ed and Mia Abeya of  BIMAK DC and members from the East Coast will feature some Igorot stories in rituals, music and dances. Other BIBAK members would be demonstrating terrace building, rice wine-making, back-strap weaving, pounding rice, wood carving, basket weaving, etc. Artifacts from the various tribes of the Cordillera would be in exhibit, to be backed up by historical research documentation from the Filipino National Historical Society of Washington and Dr. Andrew Bacdayan.

The "Igorot Village" will occupy the entire Fisher Pavilion rooftop, a strategic plaza at the heart of the Seattle Center. Come to enjoy and support this ambitious project. There would be spaces in the scheduled events for everyone's participation.

Thanks to Flori Montante of FCHSW (Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington) and Dorothy Laigo Cordova of FANHS (Filipino American National Historical Society) for giving this rare opportunity to promote the Igorot/Cordillera history and culture. Special thanks are accorded to the BIBAK-Pacific Northwest being the local partner and leader in this event.

To read more about the AYPE Centennial event, please visit,

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